Wallis Lake – A Great Lakes Gem

Nestled just south of Forster and surrounded by the stunning Booti Booti National Park, Wallis Lake is the northernmost and largest jewel in the unique triple lake system known as ‘’The Great Lakes” that includes Smiths Lake and Myall Lakes. These coastal lagoons and estuaries are an oasis that offers a perfect year-round climate, a range of activities, and is home to a diverse community of wildlife, birds, as well as locals and visitors alike.

Twice the Size of Sydney Harbour

Wallis Lake boasts an expansive 99 square kilometers, making it twice the size of Sydney Harbour!

Conveniently located only three hours north of Sydney, this aquatic wonder is fed by four rivers – Wallamba, Wallingat, Coolongolook, and Wang Wauk, and spans an impressive 25 kilometers in length. The lake itself is a water lovers paradise, with plenty of opportunities for recreation, relaxing and adventure – and with an average depth of only 2.3m, is one of the most accessible bodies of water around.

The Whitsundays of NSW

Wallis Lake stands as a testament to natural beauty, earning its reputation as a haven for both locals and tourists. Pristine white beaches and sandbars adorn its shores, creating a breathtaking contrast with the crystal-clear turquoise and azure waters. The lake’s extreme water clarity unveils mesmerizing swirls of white from the sandbars, providing a visual spectacle that rivals the famous Whitsundays. Activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling thrive in this idyllic setting.

Forster Beach, Forster

Iconic Villages

Forster and Tuncurry, twin towns connected by a bridge since 1959, serve as the gateways to Wallis Lake. With a combined population of under 20,000 that nearly triples in the summer season, these vibrant communities offer plenty of accommodation options, diverse activities, and buzzing restaurants and cafes.

At the southern end of the lake, venture down to Pacific Palms, to experience some of the best surf beaches in NSW, and add a visit to the Pacific Palms Recreation Club, affectionately known by locals as “The Recky” and a perfect spot to watch the sun set over the lake.

Largest supplier of Sydney rock oysters

Beyond its scenic beauty, Wallis Lake is a culinary haven, offering a bountiful seafood experience. As the largest supplier of Sydney Rock Oysters in Australia, the lake provides a unique ‘paddock-to-plate’ journey for seafood enthusiasts. The lake’s clear, clean waters, regular tidal flow and abundant sea grasses provide an ideal environment for oyster cultivation, with some of the oyster ‘paddocks’ having been farmed for generations.

For the freshest catch, make a visit to Red Spot Jetty, our top pick for grabbing some fresh seafood or a dozen oysters to sample. Local restaurants along the shores serve oysters as an exquisite entree, ensuring a dining experience that can’t get much fresher; and also offering an array of other seafood delights.

Larger diversity of birdlife than Kakadu

Wallis Lake boasts a wildlife diversity that rivals the famed Kakadu, with the region a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. Explore the natural wonders surrounding Wallis Lake, with Wallingat National Park on the western side and Booti Booti National Park on the eastern side. These parks not only offer great walking tracks and picnic spots but also provide access to the lake’s edge for paddleboarding, kayaking, or observing wildlife in their natural environment.

Marine Abundance and Adventure

With over half of the lake’s catchment covered in forests, Wallis Lake provides a unique habitat for marine life. The lake is known for its abundant seagrasses, hosting one-fifth of NSW’s total seagrass population; and is also home to some of the most diverse sea sponge communities in NSW lakes and lagoons – including possible as yet undiscovered species!

Larger marine creatures also make the most of the perfect aquatic environment – from whales in season to playful pods of dolphins, Wallis Lake offers an unforgettable aquatic spectacle. Witness the antics of two different species of dolphins that call the area home – local resident bottlenose dolphins often seen in the lake as you drive over the bridge, chasing boats or competing with surfers for the best wave; while out in the open water off Forster, a pod of up to 200 common dolphins put on a show for the local cruise boats, such as Reel Ocean Adventures or Amaroo Cruises.

You’ll need at least a week to explore all that Wallis Lake and surrounds have to offer! Located on the edges of the lake, Tiona is a perfect base from which to start your adventures. Whether you are seeking a mellow marine escape, an aquatic adventure or seafood siesta, Wallis Lake combines nature, beauty and abundance to create the ultimate coastal getaway.

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