Fire by the Lake

Where the sun spends the winter.

Forster and Wallis Lake have always been synonymous with sun-drenched summer adventures, but let us share a little secret with you—winter is the hidden gem of this coastal haven! Imagine calm, sunny days, crisp nights devoid of crowds, and a cozy campfire casting its warm glow. Tiona Holiday Park, nestled on the Barrington Coast, is your gateway to a winter camping experience that transcends the ordinary.

In case you need any more convincing (we don’t!), here are a few reasons why you simply can’t go past a campfire camping experience on the Barrington Coast this winter.

Step One – Gather Your Tribe:

Camping without a campfire is like winter without snow—unthinkable! Tiona Holiday Park is one of the few parks that offers the perfect canvas for creating enduring memories.

The best way to savor this experience? Surround yourself with good mates or the whole family. Winter campfires are tailor-made for fostering connections and creating heartwarming moments. Leave the screens behind, gather the kids, or bring friends together in a communal space—let the campfire be the heart of your holiday.

Step Two – Awaken Your Inner Cave-Person:

There’s something primal about our attraction to fire—the flickering flames, the warmth—it taps into a deep-seated connection with nature. But building the perfect campfire is both an art and a science!

Start by choosing an appropriate open space – at least 2m away from any trees, structures or tents. Have some tinder, kindling and fuelwood ready, and arrange the tinder in the centre in a teepee shape. Ignite the tinder, add kindling, and gradually introduce larger pieces of fuelwood. Congratulations, you’ve just connected with your ancestors. Revel in the ambiance—the crackling of burning wood, the scent of smoke, the dancing flames—engage your senses in this ancient ritual.

Step Three – Warm Up Your Winter Nights:

Clear, cool days and crisp nights define Tiona’s winters. While the campfire provides warmth, enhance your comfort with cozy blankets and layers.

Arrange your camp chairs in a circle for a sense of togetherness, ensuring everyone basks in the fire’s warmth. Create a snuggle space with blankets and throw pillows—a perfect spot to relax against the mesmerizing flames. Add rustic lanterns and fairy lights to complement the campfire, infusing magic into your surroundings.

Step Four – Indulge in Delicious Winter Treats:

Campfires aren’t just for warmth; they’re also a communal kitchen. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows for s’mores, cooking sausages or vege skewers over the open fire; or wrapping potatoes in foil, ready to be lashed with butter, the process of cooking over an open flame adds a nostalgic and enjoyable dimension to the camping experience.

Classic s’mores with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate are a must. Get creative by adding variations like using different chocolate flavors (dark, white, or caramel), or trying flavored marshmallows.

Or, try our favourite – campfire quesadillas! Layer tortillas with cheese, cooked chicken, veggies, and salsa, then heat over a grate or in a cast-iron skillet – quick, tasty and fun!

Step Five – Campfire Stories & Music:

Fire with Music

As the flames dance, unwind with storytelling or music – the perfect way to disconnect from the stresses of daily life.

Have a selection of games or activities on hand, like card games, campfire charades or flashlight limbo. A Story Circle, where each person adds a sentence to build suspense, is also a fun way to ensure everyone is included, and you can mix up the theme to keep it creative.

A portable speaker and a chill Spotify playlist also enhances the mood – or, if anyone in your group is musically inclined, break out the guitar and have a singalong! Just remember to dial down the noise after 10 pm, transitioning to a quieter, reflective ambiance.

Step Six – Connect to Nature:

Tiona’s natural beauty shines day and night, and as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of indigo and pink, the stage is set for an immersive experience in the heart of nature.

Winter skies offer a perfect backdrop for stargazing. Lay out a blanket, recline, and lose yourself in the vastness above. The crisp air, free from the hustle and bustle of city lights, reveals a tapestry of constellations. Gaze upon the majesty of the Milky Way, trace the patterns of Orion, and perhaps catch a fleeting glimpse of a shooting star as it streaks across the inky darkness.

Close your eyes and listen; as you sit by the lakeside campfire, see if you can identify the calls of various birds returning to their nests, the rhythmic croaks of frogs echoing across the water, and the subtle hum of insects as they serenade the night. And at certain times of year, bioluminescent organisms may grace the lake and beach—take a wander down and see if you can witness nature’s own light show!

Unwrap the Winter Magic

As you embark on your winter campfire adventure, let the crackling flames weave tales of warmth, connection, and natural wonder. Prioritize safety by supervising the fire, keeping water nearby, and keeping a safe distance from the fire, especially if there are children or pets present. When the time comes to leave, extinguish the fire completely.

Winter at Tiona is a unique invitation—to relax, reconnect, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of a lakeside campfire experience. Find Your Space, and let Tiona be your winter sanctuary.

Campfires are back in action this April! Grab the wood and the kindling and mark the 7th of April in the calendar.


Campfires are back April 7th 2024