Dear Beloved Wanderers,

In the heart of Pacific Palms, where sunsets paint the sky and whispers of the sea echo romance, I welcome you to a timeless love story.

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with,” and I feel privileged to be the backdrop of your romantic getaway. Whether spontaneous or planned, my shores are ready to be part of your Pacific Palms experience.

Step into the Treehouse Glamping Tents at Tiona, where rustling leaves and panoramic views witness your shared moments. A king-size bed and an in-house sound system await, close to the lake, waves, and trails.

“They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach,” and I have delightful culinary experiences for you. Order a pizza from Hueys at Blueys – the Hueys Special is a flavor symphony. For a more intimate feast, Sea & Salt offers a tempting grazing box for breakfast or dinner at our picturesque picnic spots.

Venture beyond the Palms to explore the Barrington Coast. Admire Ellenborough Falls, the longest single-drop waterfall in the southern hemisphere. Discover charm in cafes, artists, and producers in Gloucester, Nabiac, or Wingham.

Stroll hand in hand along my beautiful beaches, from Seven Mile Beach to Elizabeth Beach. Let the sand and sea air be the poetry that speaks to your hearts. For adventurous souls, surf-kissed shores of Boomerang or Blueys Beaches await, or take the coastal walk to Shelly Beach.

“The world is your oyster,” they say. Wallis Lake, the largest Sydney Rock Oyster producer, offers a taste of the sea. Savor a dozen from Red Spot or explore local variations at Forster restaurants.

For thrill-seekers, explore the Barrington Coast natural playgrounds. Hike in Booti Booti National Park or paddleboard on Wallis Lake for natural adventures.

As the day bids adieu, enchanting sunsets await. Gather your favorite drinks, a blanket, and snuggle up to witness the sky painted in hues of warmth. Stay awhile; the night sky unveils a breathtaking spectacle—a perfect setting for starry-eyed gazes.

Consider Pacific Palms for your grand finale—a destination wedding amidst spectacular landscapes. Picture a ceremony in the serene Green Cathedral, followed by a reception at the Palms Pavilion Wedding & Events center. Celebrate on the Pavilion lawn as the sun sets over Wallis Lake, with festivities continuing at the Tiona Resort.

Beloved wanderers, my shores are not just a destination; they are the parchment of your love story. Let your hearts be the ink, and may Pacific Palms be the melody that accompanies every beat.

With Waves of Love,

The Pacific Palms

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