Welcome to Booti Booti National Park, a natural haven offering a plethora of activities for both locals and visitors. The name itself, derived from the Worimi word “butibuti,” meaning “plenty of honey,” perfectly encapsulates the richness and beauty of this coastal wonderland stretching from just south of Forster to Pacific Palms. Let’s delve into the best things to do in Booti Booti National Park.

Perfect Picnics

Pack a picnic or grab some local snags and head to Elizabeth Beach or Santa Barbara Picnic Areas. With toilets and BBQ facilities available, these spots are perfect for a leisurely lunch or a relaxing afternoon. Elizabeth Beach is also seasonally patrolled, ensuring a safe and enjoyable day by the shore.

Wallis Lake Wonders

Wallis Lake, home to the famous Sydney Rock Oyster, boasts crystal-clear waters and is ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, or catching a stunning sunset. Accessible from Tiona Holiday Park or the Sailing Club Picnic Area, this expansive lake is almost twice the size of Sydney Harbour.

Active Adventure

Embark on the 8km Booti Booti loop, starting at the Ruins Campground. The trail offers panoramic coastal views overlooking Charlotte Head and Shelly Beach. For a more challenging experience, climb the 150 steps to Cape Hawke Lookout or enjoy a picnic at the serene McBrides Beach.

Cape Hawke Lookout

Just 5 minutes from Forster, Cape Hawke Lookout, standing at 224m high, provides a 360-degree view of Forster, Wallis Lake, and the Pacific Ocean. Named by Captain Cook in 1770, it’s an ideal spot for sunrise watching or observing whales in the Great Lakes Marine Park.

Did you know: Cape Hawke and Charlotte Head were once islands, now joined to the mainland from sand deposits built up over thousands of years?

Beach Bliss

Discover some of the best beaches in NSW at Booti Booti. Golden sand, clear water, and the absence of crowds make it a perfect beach destination. Book a Beach Villa at Tiona Holiday Park to wake up to the sunrise with your morning coffee. Boomerang Beach, just around the corner, has even be

en voted the 2nd best beach in Australia.

A Green Oasis

Booti Booti is home to one of the most diverse eco systems on the coast, featureing pristine littoral rainforests on the beach side, and large groves of cabbage tree palms – the namesake of Pacific Palms – dominating the lakes edge.

As you explore the lake side, be enchanted by drowned gum forests and wildflower heaths, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors. A must-see is the unique Green Cathedral at Tiona – an open-air cathedral framed by the green canopy of palms, offering breathtaking views over the lake.

Wildlife Wonders

Booti Booti National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, with all manner of birds, reptiles and other Australian native animals calling this patch of the Mid Coast home. Keep your eyes peeled for the stunning lace monitors, water dragons or the elusive echidnas; or cast your eyes upward for a glimpse of honeyeaters, silvereyes, terns, lorikeets, wonga pigeons, bower birds and the magnificent local ospreys; as well as flying foxes and tawny frogmouths on dusk..

Did you know, Wallis Lake and the surrounding areas have a greater diversity of birdlife than Kakadu, with 210 species of birds recorded within Booti Booti National Park alone?

Fishing Paradise

Indulge in the unique experience of lake and beach fishing within a national park. Wallis Lake offers bream, flathead, tailor, leatherjacket, and blue swimmer crabs, while Seven Mile Beach is perfect for beach worms, jewies, whiting, bream, drummer, salmon, and snapper.

So, when is the best time to visit Booti Booti National Park? Anytime!

This coastal gem is a year-round hub for outdoor activities and natural wonders. Whether you’

re into winter whale watching, a fall ocean dip, or spring water adventures, Booti Booti has you covered.

No matter when you come, the park offers scenic trails, beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and great fishing. So, pack your bags and explore Booti Booti’s simplicity and natural beauty. It’s an ideal destination for a getaway, providing a mix of adventure, relaxation, and the joy of nature, no matter the season.